High Quality Refrigerant Gas R410A

R-410A is a near-azeotropic HFC refrigerant gas blend developed as a zero-ozone-depleting replacement for R-22 in new HVAC equipment. Positive evaporation temperatures.


It is the internationally preferred option for new air conditioning equipment, heat pumps, etc. Unlike R-22, R-410A works at much higher pressures and only with POE synthetic oil. The great advantage of R-410A is its high refrigeration capacity that can be 50% higher than R-22. For this reason, smaller components can be used and make machines more compact compared to R-22. Copper fittings, pipes, valves, compressors, etc. must be designed to withstand the increase in pressure of R-410A. Due to its working pressures, R-410A is not suitable for conversion of existing equipment with R-22. For this conversion, R-424A would be recommended as a direct replacement (drop-in) or R-407C as a retrofit.


  • High temperatures
  • new installations


  • · Does not damage the ozone layer, ODP = 0.
  • · Only compatible with POE synthetic oils.
  • · Equipment can be refilled in the event of a leak.
  • · Cooling capacity and working pressure much higher than R-22.
  • GWP Global Warming Potential (GWP) = 2088
  • · Boiling point at 1.013 bar (ºC): -51.58
  • · Temperature slip or glide (ºC): 0.1
  • Saturated vapor density at 25ºC (kg/m3): 61.5
  • · UN number: 1078
  • · Safety classification: A1. Low toxicity and non-flammable.
  • · Always load in liquid phase.


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