Refrigerant Gas R507 | 11.3KG

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R-507 is an azeotropic HFC refrigerant gas mixture, with zero depletion of the ozone layer, used in new medium and low temperature refrigeration equipment. R-507 It is also an indirect substitute (retrofit), in equipment that had previously worked with R-502 and its HCFC substitutes such as R-408A, DI-44, HP80.

R-507 is a long-term replacement refrigerant for facilities with medium and low refrigeration temperatures that would have previously used R-502 or R-22. Its physical, thermodynamic and operational properties are very similar to those of R-502. Discharge temperatures are lower than R-502. In some working conditions, the refrigeration capacity is even higher than R-502 but at the same time with a slightly lower coefficient of performance.

R507 Applications :· Refrigerated warehouses.· Refrigerated display cabinets.· Ice cream/ice machines.· Ice rinks.· Cold rooms.· Refrigerated transport.· Cold drinks dispenser.· Frozen tunnels.· Fishing boats.· Flooded systems .


  • average temperatures
  • Low temperatures
  • new installations
  • Retrofit


· Does not damage the ozone layer, ODP = 0.

· Only compatible with POE synthetic oils.

· Equipment can be refilled in the event of a leak.

· Discharge temperatures lower than R-22 and R-502, which prolongs the life of the compressor.

· Cooling capacity and energy efficiency very similar to R-502.

· Superior refrigeration capacity and energy efficiency similar to R-22.

GWP Global Warming Potential (GWP) = 3985

· Boiling point at 1,013 bar (ºC): -46.7

· Temperature slip or glide (ºC): 0

· Saturated vapor density at 25ºC (kg/m3): 66.64

· UN number: 1078

· Safety classification: A1. Low toxicity and non-flammable.

· Always load in liquid phase.


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