Cooling Gas R22 Refrigerant Gas | 13.6KG

Cooling Gas R22 Refrigerant Gas | 13.6KG

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R22 refrigerant gas is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) widely used in all sectors of refrigeration and air conditioning.

It has a low ODP value and excellent thermodynamic properties that make this refrigerant ideal for high and medium temperature applications in fixed installations, refrigerated transport and air conditioning.

R-22 refrigerant:

Difluorochloromethane is related to the group of HCFCs. It has a low ozone depletion potential (ODP = 0.05) and a not very high global warming potential GWP = 1700, that is, the ecological characteristics of R-22 are better than those of R-12 or R-502.

It is a clear gas with a faint odor of chloroform, more poisonous than R-12, it is not explosive and does not combust in an oxygen atmosphere.

Compared to R-12, R-22 is less soluble in oil, but easily penetrates through pores and is inert to metals. The refrigeration industry produces high quality oils for R-22. At temperatures higher than 330ºC, R-22 decomposes in the presence of metals producing the same substances as R-12.

It’s fairly soluble in water. The moisture fraction in it should not exceed 0.0025%. The heat transfer coefficient during boiling and condensation is 25% – 30% higher than that of R-12.

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