How Do I Know My Car’s AC Compressor is Bad?

When a car’s air conditioning system stops working, the first culprit is often low refrigerant levels. However, failing AC compressors can just as easily leave you fighting the summer heat. So how can you tell if your car’s AC compressor is going bad? The KEMI Auto Parts are here with insight. What is a Vehicle AC Compressor? Before we dive into the signs of an AC compressor failure, let’s answer one of the most common questions we get from customers: What is an AC compressor? Your [...]

The Basics Behind Air Conditioning System Diagnostic Services

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system cools, purifies, and circulates air throughout the vehicle to promote a comfortable cabin environment and prevent driver fatigue. The air conditioning system operates in a continuous cycle, sending refrigerant through a sealed system to remove hot air from the cabin compartment. As the refrigerant flows through the air conditioning system, it is turned from a hot gas into a liquid, which is then cooled, turned into a gas again, and vaporized in order to absorb [...]

How to Change an A/C Compressor

The car air conditioner compressor is known as the heart of the air conditioning system. It is a pump that is driven by a belt and found fastened to the engine. The job of the auto air compressor is to compress and transfer coolant gas. The air conditioning system is broken down into two sides; a high pressure side and a low pressure side. The compressor has an intake side which draws in the coolant gas from an outlet on the evaporator, [...]

What is a car AC compressor?

A car AC compressor is used to convert low pressure refrigerant gas into high pressure gas. The AC compressor is driven by a drive belt connected to the crankshaft in non-hybrid vehicle and by an electric motor in many hybrid cars. In a non-hybrid engine, the drive belt rotates the car AC compressor pulley any time the engine is running. But the pulley only operates the AC compressor when the driver requests AC. At that point, the HVAC control system activates a [...]

How does a car AC compressor fail?

Refrigerant leaks cause the most damage Before a car AC system is filled at the factory, air and humidity are removed by applying a vacuum to the entire system. Then the refrigerant and lubricating oil are added. If the system develops a leak and outside air enters the system, the moisture in that air combines with the refrigerant and oil to form acids that degrade all the components in the AC system. The acid corrodes metal parts, reduces the lubricating [...]